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We have been using These Tools to Treat Joint Pain and Injuries For Years...
Now You Can Treat Yourself At Home!

    It Is Now Possible To:
  • Heal your joint injuries faster
  • Quickly relieve the pain in your joints
  • Heal more completely without internal scar tissue
  • Avoid pain and re-injuring your joints in the future.

  • But only if you treat your joints correctly!

Are you needing a vastly improved level of treatment for a joint injury or chronic joint pain Are you using ultrasound, cold compression, or radiant energy therapies daily? Would you like to reduce or eliminate your intake of possibly harmful anti-inflammatories and pain killers?

I am a RNA (12 years now) who suffered a neck / shoulder strain injury about 6 months ago.

Much of my work involves heavy lifting of patients that are unable to assist themselves, and I can attest that eventually the strain catches up with you. I was advised by one of our doctors to visit and I am thrilled to say that this company really wanted to help!

I've never order online before, so I called the customer service line and order the ultrasound unit with extra gel. After about 1 week of my husband treating my shoulder and back, I found that I am finally getting a good night sleep and I'm no longer worried that I'll have to take a medical leave.

I want to thank you for not only helping me, but also giving me the ability to continue my career.

Sharon, Seattle

Rating: Five Star Rating[5 of 5 Stars!]


Joint pain from chronic conditions such as arthritis and injuries from sprains and strains affect so many of us. A sprained ankle is one of the most common sprains suffered by young and old alike and can happen so easily. While a chronic condition like one of the several forms of arthritis affect 70% of the population in North America.

Painful Joint Treatment with Therapeutic Ultrasound

Our joints are so often not thought about until they become painful, then they can disrupt the easiest of tasks such as picking up a piece of paper, getting in an out of bed or up from a chair, even walking can be effected by a painful joint.

Did you know that something as simple as a sprained ankle, if not treated properly can lead to a form of arthritis called osteoarthritis (also known as degenerative joint disease)?

Every time you move a joint, the tendons and surrounding tissue move and when they are inflamed from an injury or chronic condition, every movement hurts. Just simple every day activities can be extremely painful. Once a joint is injured it becomes very difficult to recover 100%. It is almost impossible to keep from reinjuring the area because even when the pain is gone, the joint can still be damaged. When the pain goes away you still aren't fully healed. But, when the pain disappears, that's when we start acting normally again even though your joint isn't fully healed. It's not your fault though. It's just not possible to stop everything and rest the injured joint properly. Everyone has demands that make them keep going and when we are active we prevent the joint from healing. What ends up happening is we continually reinjure the joint through our daily activities which can lead to degenerative joint disease.

Ankle sprain treatment, prevention

Because of their makeup, joints have limited blood flow and as a result can heal very slowly. Inflammation and waste matter around the joint from injury or chronic condition like that of arthritis can take some time to decrease and it's that inflammation and waste matter causing the extreme pain and reducing your ability to move. When using ultrasound and radiant energy therapy, the treatments effectively stimulate blood flow to the joint which clears away waste matter and reduces the inflammation causing the pain and speeds up healing. As well, using medicated gel during ultrasound treatments delivers additional pain relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients directly into the joint providing even more relief.

The therapeutic kits discussed below will provide you with the tools necessary to relieve the pain of chronic conditions or injuries effecting the joints and dramatically speed the healing process. You can be sure that there is a lot more you can do for your joints than medication or just resting and hoping it will get better.

Inferno Wrap™ Infrared Therapy Systems
Using The Power Of Nature For Healing Injuries

Inferno Knee Wrap

It is normal use that promotes the flow of blood through the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Our body responds to movement by sending oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the area. However, when you are resting an injury, the blood flow to your damaged tissue is greatly reduced. But this is when it is needed most to promote the healing process. Since you can't work the muscle without danger of further injury you need to stimulate the blood flow another way. The most natural way of doing this is with infrared energy. The infrared energy will penetrate through the outer layers of your body, through the fat, skin, and overlying tissue. The energy stimulates the tissue deep down and promotes blood flow.

Most people are familiar with conductive heating. That's the process of something hot touching something cold and heating it up. When you touch something hot, like a potato, the heat is transferred mainly through touch. That's called conductive heat.

  • Inferno Wrap™ Therapy Systems stimulation is entirely different
  • Inferno Wrap™ Therapy Systems are not heating pads

Inferno Wrap™ infrared therapy is the transfer of energy in the form of thermal rays. It is perfectly safe, natural, and very effective. In fact, when there are concerns over safety that may restrict the use of ultrasound, infrared therapy is often still a viable solution. Think of the sun. The warmth you feel from the sun is really a sensation you get from infrared energy being absorbed by your body. We don't need to touch the sun to feel it. The energy travels through space in a wave form. That's why when you lie in the sun you can feel the depth of penetration much differently than when you touch a hot potato. The hot potato heats the surface of your skin. The infrared energy from the sun penetrates deep into your body where it's absorbed. This energy is not like UV energy that can burn the skin. Inferno Wrap™ Infrared Therapy Systems won't burn your skin. When you lie in the sun with sunscreen on, you still feel the heat going deep into your body. You are feeling infrared energy. You can feel the heat from the sun even through a shirt. That's the infrared energy coming through.

Inferno Wrap™ Therapy Systems are not heating pads. If you touch the surface it will be warm, not hot. You will feel the warmth of the energy penetrating deeply into your muscles just like you feel the penetrating energy of the sun. If there's a gap between you and the pad, the infrared energy travels right through the space, just like the sun does, into your body. It will travel right through thin layers of clothing. The entire area is stimulated evenly whether the pad is touching you or not. Heating pads simply don't do that. Heating pads are hot on the surface that they are touching and cool where they are not. Heating pads do not transmit energy deep into the body. It's simply two different kinds of energy. With Inferno Wrap™ Infrared Therapy Systems you get the healing energy where you need it - deep under the skin and into the underlying muscle, tendon, and ligament tissue.

Like everything we sell, Inferno Wrap™ Infrared Therapy Systems are the best quality product you will find anywhere. And like all our products, we guarantee Inferno Wrap™ Infrared Therapy Systems with our 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not happy with any product you purchase in our shop, you can send it back for a full refund.

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Cold Compression Therapy For Sprains and Strains

The first thing doctors and therapists learn in school is the RICE formula for treating inflammation and pain due to injury. R - Rest, I - Ice, C - Compression, E - Elevation. When you're in the MendMeShop store, check out our cold pack compression wraps. These special cold supports are endorsed by the Mayo Clinic as the best combination brace and cold pack for athletic injuries like torn or strained soft tissue injuries including tendons, ligaments, muscles and, joints. Cold compression wraps offer compression, support and cold therapy all at the same time. There simply is no better form of RICE therapy available anywhere.

Our cold pack pressure wraps fit perfectly and are extremely durable. They give support and apply gentle pressure to your injury at the same time. The unique design with small gel pockets throughout the inside keep the cold delivering gel over the entire injured area. Simply pop them into the fridge or freezer when not in use and you can re-use them time and again. Often people keep two wraps on hand so one is always cooling while the other is in use. There's nothing magic about RICE; your doctor and therapist will tell you RICE works. And our cold pack pressure wraps give you the best I & C on the planet.

Cold compression therapy for strain and sprain treatment

Our cold compression wraps are made of the highest quality materials available. They fit perfectly, stay in place, are extremely durable, and use a special patented baffled cold array. What is a baffled cold array? All other cold packs simply use a plastic bag partially filled with cold gel. What is sure to happen is the gel pools in the low spots or in pockets where there is no pressure. Fill a plastic bag with water and put it on your knee and watch what happens - all the water sits in two pools on either side of your knee. You need to apply the pressure to the injured area and you need the cold gel to stay in place in spite of the pressure. Our cold packs ensure that is what happens. This is the only product on the market that can make this claim.

Cold compression wraps work because they interrupt and slow nerve and cell function in the damaged area. Once blood vessels are damaged they can no longer carry oxygenated blood to the damaged tissue and therefore cells begin to break-down. The deep cold provided by cold compression wraps slow cell function thereby reducing cellular break-down. Furthermore, because the cold wraps serve to numb the nerves the wraps also reduce pain! In the early days or weeks of your injury the inflammation is partly your body's reaction to try to immobilize the injured area. Unfortunately this inflammation also strains the surrounding tissue and causes pain. Cold compression braces provide the support and reduce the inflammation giving your body the support it needs without the usual pain.

Like all of our products, our cold compression wraps are the best quality product you will find anywhere. We have them for every part of the body. And like all our products, we guarantee our wraps with our 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not happy with any product you purchase in our shop, you can send it back for a full refund.

Our products really are that good. People are using them for Sciatica, Arthritis, Headaches, Bursitis and other debilitating diseases as well. And they are getting amazing results. It's incredible how many times we've heard, ¨I used my wrap or therapy kit for the first time, and I could tell the difference right away.¨

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I would very much like to write a review for your cold wraps since they have been such a help to me.

I am an avid tennis player that has this year suffered from both elbow and achilles tendonitis. For years I've been the best in my club but once my tendonitis set in I just couldn't compete. I tried creams and pain killers and bands but they didn't get me better. I was beginning to fear I'd never recover.

Then I ordered a radiant kit and cold wrap from you and things have really turned around. The tightness and inflammation seem to be pretty much gone and I can't say enough about how much the cold wrap helped for pain. It was like it was sucking the pain right out of my ankle - truly amazing!

Too bad for the rest of the club. They thought I was out for the season and now I'm back!

Rating: Five Star Rating[5 of 5 Stars!]

Karl Stevens
Tampa, FL


* You should have Ultrasound every day *
With your own ultrasound kit you can give yourself 3 treatments each day in less time than it takes you to go to your local clinic once!

Therapeutic Ultrasound Unit

Until recently, ultrasound therapy for everyday people was only available in doctors' offices, at hospitals or in physical therapy clinics. We are changing all that. You can now experience the benefits of this powerful technology in the privacy and comfort of your own home. It's no longer necessary to attend inconvenient and costly appointments. The exact same ultrasound you get from your doctor is available using your home unit. Even better though is that Ultrasound kits from MendMeShop use medicated gel. This is totally new! Doctors and Physical Therapy clinics are starting to use medicated ultrasound gels, but many still haven't had a chance to learn what they need to know about this recent improvement in therapeutic care.

Ultrasound Waves

Beginning with your very first treatment you will feel the relief - the power - of ultrasound therapy. Ultrasound waves travel deep into your body, over 2 inches deep, delivering therapeutic benefits to the source of the pain. These waves also carry with them the natural pain relieving ingredients that are only available in our Ultrasound Gel. That's one treatment delivering two kinds of relief! Combine your ultrasound with medicated Gel and Ultrasound Therapy becomes Super Therapy.

Doctors routinely prescribe ultrasonic massage treatments as the primary treatment for all forms of tissue injury. It is also a primary treatment for injuries of the joints, tendons, ligaments and bones. Usually these treatments are scheduled for two or three times per week. The problem with only 3 treatments per week is you get maximum benefit from getting your ultrasound three times every day. Treatments at a clinic every day are too inconvenient. Besides, no government or private medical plan could afford the costs of sending you for treatments 3 times per day every day.

Think about it. When you use medication for alergies, you don't just take one massive dose every 2 or 3 days. Your body couldn't handle a dose big enough to be present for 3 days. When you take antibiotics, do you go to the doctor's 3 times per week for a massive dose? No, for your body to heal, you need regular moderate treatments. When you go for ultrasound you don't get a 3 day dose from your therapist, you get a half day dose and don't get anything in between. That's why it feels good but doesn't seem to last. The proper way to get ultrasound therapy is to get a moderate dose several times per day. That's how you will heal correctly. That's how professionals do it!

So, even though your injured joint can be treated, you aren't getting even a fraction of the therapy you really need. With our therapeutic ultrasound kits you can get all the ultrasound therapy you need in your own home saving you time and money. And you'll heal much quicker too!

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Our ultrasound kit is more than just a standard ultrasound unit.

MendMeShop ultrasound gel image

Our ultrasound therapy system comes with a specially formulated Gel which contains naturally based pain relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients. The ultrasound unit actually drives the pain relieving ingredients deep into tissue (a process known medically as phonophoresis) giving you the pain relief where you need it. Its impossible to simply rub a lotion by hand deep enough to penetrate into your body. Ultrasound though, will drive medication that deep. Oral medication affects your entire body and doses are often restricted to not harm your sensitive organs even though the affected area could benefit from additional medication. Medicated ultrasound gives you maximum relief and maximum therapy, where you need it.

This is the only ultrasound system that comes with this special gel. Our gel is infused with menthol, eucalyptus and lavender using only the highest grade of natural ingredients available. Our gel contains no synthetic herbs, no artificial color and no Paraben. Now, the tremendous benefits of therapeutic ultrasound and phonophoresis are available to you.

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Every Single Day We Receive Calls From Customers Who Simply Want To Thank Us For Introducing Them To Our Amazing Products!

As we discussed above, many physical injuries take longer to heal because we can't stop moving to let ourselves heal. We have to go to work, take care of family, or we just plain want to get out and do things. Staying in bed for 2 weeks just isn't an option. Besides prolonging your suffering, constant re-injury leads to the build up of scar tissue on the injured body part and non-uniform healing. Then, even when you're healed, your body part doesn't work as well as it used to. You end up with reduced flexibility, less strength, and potentially life long problems. ultrasound reduces the amount of scarring around the injured area. In fact, ultrasound treatments are regularly used by doctors and physical therapists to break down existing scar tissue. With regular ultrasound, you heal more quickly and more completely. With regular ultrasound you heal with less scaring and that is the ultimate goal.

Another common mistake is that once we start feeling a little better, we often forget that our meniscus may still be injured or weak. This time in particular is when almost everyone stops going to therapy and stops caring for their still injured knee because there just isn't time. With Radiant Energy Therapy or Ultrasound, even after the pain is gone, you can continue to treat your knee and complete the healing process. Remember, healing it completely is very important to not suffering the same injury again. One treatment in the morning and one treatment at night. It's an easy habit to get into and your knee will be much healthier for it. Who wants to get older and have chronic knee pain? No one wants to go through knee replacement surgery, so treat your knee completely.

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Dear MendMeShop,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your help in getting me set up with the right treatments for my injured leg. My hamstring has been plaguing me for months and I had gone from running 7 miles per day to barely being able to climb the front stairs to my home.

I found your site excellent. It was very informative and easy to read. When I called your customer service people I found that Paul was really knowledgeable on all your products and he was excellent in helping me pick out the right items for my injury. It was really nice to talk to someone who cared and not just an order taker.

I got the 'ultimate hamstring kit' and it certainly has done the trick. After just 2 weeks I'm back to my full distance and I can feel that my performance is still improving - I'm still treating myself regularly. I just wanted to say thanks. THANKS!!

Nadine Williams


Its Proven To Work

Medically Proven

All of our products have been scientifically and medically tested to relieve pain and promote healing. Our products are Chiropractor and Doctor recommended for patients who require treatment for all kinds of tendon, ligament, and nerve injuries including Carpal Tunnel, Tarsal Tunnel, Knee Injuries, ACL Injuries and MCL Injuries .

MendMeShop photo

Not sure what to buy? For treating a joint sprain or strain injury, the most fundamental tool (and luckily the least expensive) is the cold compression wrap. This product will go miles towards giving your swollen joint the compressive treatment necessary for rapid healing, protection from reinjury plus the incredible power of cold pain relief. Cold compression wraps reduce inflammation and pain which is your number 1 priority. And, they just feel soooo good!

For acute or severe sprains and strains or for chronic symptom treatment like arthritis our home ultrasound kit with naturally medicated gel. It is effective, easy to use and like the cold compression wraps the pain relieving element is outstanding

For persistent recurring injuries, if you are also keen on more natural alternatives, or if you simply want to take your injury or chronic condition therapy to the next level, the addition of radiant energy therapy is the ultimate compliment to the other therapies. Whichever you choose, the products at our MendMeShop store are all the best of the best and come with 60 day money back guarantees.

Check Out Customer Reviews and Our Forum!

To hear what our customers have been saying about our products, check out our product reviews at the MendMeShop store. These reviews are success stories that are typical of our customers - these are not the exceptions. These reviews have been left by real users without any compensation for doing so. They are just so happy with what our products have done for them, they want to share it with you. In fact, every day we get calls from people who just want to say how happy they are with our products and service. These products don't just work for a few people, they work like magic for almost all of the people who buy them.

If you have questions of your own, browse through our Forum. The MendMeShop Forum has many questions posed by our potential customers about their conditions and how our products can help. Our Forum is reviewed regularly and we will post answers to your questions. Want to know if something will work for you? Just ask our Forum!Did you know that doctors are some of our biggest customers. Check out the topic in our forum about a Doctor with Patellar Tendonitis. We keep adding comments from new customer orders that show that the medical community is a big believer in what we sell and they use our products on themselves! You will see a long list of medical professionals under that forum topic.

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Try MendMeShop products today. In fact, try them for 60 days! This is typically enough to cure or significantly improve most conditions. Try our products, and if you are not completely satisfied, you can send your used items back to us and we will refund your money. You can't lose. You can only get better.

If you are still unsure about the benefits of having any of our products in your household, browse through our website. You will find plenty of links to top medical institutions and studies that recommend our products and why. You can also find unedited and unfiltered reviews of our products by our users. After you use your therapeutic products, you can come back to the site and leave your review for others. We have a handy treatment guide on-line, all our contact information, and of course our videos.

Click Here to read product reviews left by out customers at the MENDMESHOP store

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Joint Facts:


Stop forearm pain - 100% Guaranteed To Reduce Pain and Swelling.

Doctors and physical therapists recommend ice and compression to reduce back pain and swelling in sore, strained or overused muscles, especially in the lower back.

This universal leg wrap can be provide cold compression to the shin, calf, groin, thigh, or hamstring.

Foot Injury Therapy: 100% Guaranteed to Reduce Plantar Pain and Foot Swelling.

Our Cold Compression Shoulder Wrap provides quick and efficient relief of swelling and pain from an active sprain, shoulder strain, whiplash, or tight upper back muscles.

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